Melbourne's citrus trees are under attack!

Help Save Our Citrus prevent the spread of citrus gall wasp and save our precious backyard citrus trees.

Save our Citrus Melbourne was founded in February 2015 to provide education and awareness about the pest Citrus Gall Wasp (Bruchophagus fellis), which is in plague proportions across Melbourne and Victoria. The Citrus Gall Wasp has colonised our citrus trees. This is reducing productivity and is slowly killing our beautiful trees.

We all need to tackle Citrus Gall Wasp together. Help eradicate Citrus Gall Wasp through controlled and timely gardening techniques. Correct disposal of infected branches is also important.

Together we can nip Citrus Gall Wasp in the bud.



The Save our Citrus Melbourne Campaign has been featured on a variety of media channels including: newspapers (The Northsider, Sunday Herald Sun, Preston Leader, Progress Leader, ABC News Online), magazines (ABC Organic Gardener, Wellbeing magazine), radio stations (3AW breakfast, 774 Saturday breakfast, 98.7 RPP FM, 94.1fm, The Hungry Gardener Podcast), Channel Nine News television. Kaye has also presented to over 300 people across Melbourne.

See Kaye in the video below, as she demonstrates how to prune out galls.


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