Onsite consultation visits

2 hours in your garden

An onsite consultation can be a stand-alone service or the first step in the design process. Information will be tailored to highlight your garden’s design opportunities, problem areas, and practical advice. Each consultation comes with a recommendations summary. If further maintenance (such as pruning) is needed this can also be included.

Consultation report service

a comprehensive analysis

This service is an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your site, accumulating in a detailed report covering plant selection, concept ideas for each area and problem solving ideas. The consultation report can either be a stand-alone piece of work or part of the Garden Transformation Package.

Mini makeovers

looking for a quick and easy improvement? 

Have you got a small garden area that needs attention? Our mini makeovers include plant selection, materials and plant outs – with minimum fuss and a brilliant outcome! Note: this service does not include hard landscaping.

Garden transformation package

Your complete garden transformation 

We can manage the garden transformation package from start to finish – from initial designs through to the complete new garden. The package includes three stages:

•Existing site analysis
•Garden design concept development
•Personalised sourcing and planting of all selected species